In 2015, Kelly became hooked on balloons when she saw another local twister create an Octopus. She wanted to try to twist an octopus so badly that she immediately went home and ordered a cheap hand pump and a bag of assorted balloons.

Before the balloons could come, Kelly booked a table at her favorite trade show, the Downhome Expo. When people asked how she planned to twist balloons for 26 HOURS in 3 days, with absolutely no previous training, Kelly replied, ``I'll learn as I go!``

By the end of day 3 she had twisted 1086 balloons into various figures for the kids at Downhome Expo. After Expo, Kelly ordered a new pump- a Filbert pump that allows her to blow up balloons with one push!

In 2017 Kelly travelled to her first balloon convention-

Twist & Shout in Orlando Florida. There, she learned new

techniques, styles, and designs from 350 of the best

balloon twisters, artists, and designers in the world. Upon

her return, she twisted her very first balloon dress- which

took a whopping 8 hours to finish!


In January 2018, Kelly returned to Twist & Shout, this time

in Las Vegas, Nevada. With some of the best instructors

in the world teaching classes, she learned a ton more

designs that kids can wear or interact with!


Future conventions include Twist & Shout in Chicago in

February 2019, and the Blackpool Balloon Bash in March 2019.  

Kelly`s favorite balloon is still the octopus!